The film "Formula of love": the actors and fate

The premiere of the Soviet TV movie "Formula of love" directed by Mark Zakharov took place in 1984. The picture is an adaptation of the story by Alexei Tolstoy called "Count Cagliostro".

In the center of the plot is an adventurer Count Cagliostro, who after the tour is trying to escape from the chase, sent for him by Prince Potemkin. At the same time, he tries to find a formula for the feeling that he could not previously cause in people — love.

Most of all, the audience remembered the "Neapolitan song” in the "Italian" language, which is sung by Jacob and Margadon when Cagliostro tries to " wrap” a new victim. In 1986, Semyon Farada and Alexander Abdulov sang it at the Sanremo festival, partially using the chorus."..UNO momento."

The fate of the actors after the finest hour, as well as their photos then and now - in the material 24SMI.

Russian and Georgian actor Nodar Mgaloblishvili played count Giuseppe Cagliostro, who tours the cities and deceives people with his tricks.

Nodar Mgaloblishvili was noticed after the role of count Cagliostro, before that he played in small episodes in the pictures of Georgian Directors, as well as minor characters. On his account, such tapes as "Catala”," hammer and Sickle” “ "named Baron", "special Forces", etc. in 2007, he decided to leave the cinema, but was invited to play the main character in the film”Confessions of don Juan". In 2011, the last series with his participation called “Retribution”was released.

Elena Valyushkina played Maria, the daughter of a landowner, one of Cagliostro's clients, who had to leave with the count, who promised to cure her father. The actress is also famous for her roles in the films "Eralash”," Border. Taiga novel", "Hitchhiking", "Black lightning", "the method of Laurel”," Grandmother of easy virtue " and "the Last hero".

Valyushkina still continues to act in films, in 2018 she played in the films "I'm losing weight”," Night shift “and " Superbrowsers. People's Avengers".

Actor Alexander Mikhailov appeared in the role of a provincial landowner Alexei Fedyashev, in love with the statue. Cagliostro promises him to revive the statue, using his assistant Lorenza, but Alexei falls in love with Maria.

Alexander Mikhailov actively starred in films until 1984, the tape "Formula of love" was the last in his filmography. Prior to that, he appeared in the films “Tropinone”, “June. Moscow. Chertanovo " and others. in 1987, the actor, along with his wife Elena Mikhailova left the theater. He received a bachelor's degree in religious studies and together with his wife publishes audio albums about religion.

Soviet and Russian actress Elena Aminova played Lorenza, Cagliostro's assistant. In addition, she appeared in the paintings "Marshal of the revolution”," Whirlpool”, "under the sign of Scorpio" and "Mosgaz".

After moving to Moscow, Aminova began to stage plays in theaters, in the Moscow center for children's creativity, leads a theater circle at school and continues to act in films.

Alexander Abdulov played the role of Jacob, a henchman of count Cagliostro and coachman. It was he who always sang The "Neapolitan song" when the count deceived his victims.

The famous actor Alexander Abdulov starred in the films "captain's daughter”," the meeting Place can not be changed” “ "Sorcerers”," Ten little niggers " and "Next". In 2008, the artist died of lung cancer, he was buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery.

Semyon Farada's character, Margadon, was remembered by viewers for his quote:

"Jacob, we will never leave here... We're going to die. I understand, Jacob. All newcomers to Russia will perish near Smolensk."

During his career, the actor played in more than 130 films, his colorful characters have always pleased the audience. On account of Farada tape "Garage”, "Wizards", "After the rain on Thursday”, "The man from Capuchin Boulevard", "Fatal eggs", etc.

In 2000, Semyon Farada suffered a massive stroke that resulted in speech impairment. Health problems forced the actor to leave the cinema, and in August 2009 he died. The cause of death was chronic cardiovascular failure.

Leonid Bronevoy appeared in the film " Formula of love” as a doctor who told about the last days of count Cagliostro. The most famous paintings in the filmography of Armored — "Seventeen moments of spring”," Armed and very dangerous”, "Pokrovsky gate”, "Simple things", etc.

Leonid Bronevoy died on December 9, 2017, the cause of death was a long illness. The family decided to bury the actor at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.

The film” Formula of love " also starred Tatiana Peltzer, Alexandra Zakharova, Nikolai Skorobogatov, Anna Frolovtseva, Alexandra Kharitonova, etc.


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