Forbes named the world's most expensive brands

Forbes magazine has presented a new ranking of the most expensive brands in the world, widely represented in the US market.

Apple kept the top spot for the ninth time in a row. The American manufacturer became the first in the history of the brand, valued at more than 200 billion dollars. Over the past year, its value increased by 12% and amounted to 205.5 billion, while the annual revenue of the company increased to 265.8 billion.

Analysts note that the brand added in price even though the decline in quarterly revenue from the sale of the iPhone by 17%, to 31 billion dollars. At the same time, revenue from the sale of the company's services, including the App Store, Apple Pay, iTunes, continues to grow at a record pace — up to 37 billion in 2018.

The second line of the rating was taken by Google, the value of the brand increased over the past twelve months by 27%, to 167.7 billion dollars. The gap between the two leaders is narrowing every year — back in 2015, Apple was more than twice as expensive as Google. Closes the top three Microsoft with an estimate of 125.3 billion, which is 20% more than a year earlier. Next in the ranking are Amazon (+37%, up 97 billion) and Facebook, whose value fell for the year by 6%, to 88.9 billion.

The first among non-tech companies was Coca-Cola, which took the 6th place in the table of ranks. The most expensive non-American brand was Samsung, located on the seventh line of the rating. At the same time, in terms of annual revenue, the South Korean giant was second in the list with 221.6 billion dollars, behind only Apple. Disney, Toyota and McDonald's rounded out the top ten most expensive brands on the planet, with the Total value of the top 100 most expensive brands, according to Forbes, at $ 2.33 trillion, up 8% from 2018.


The most expensive brands in the world

Apple value: $205.5 billion, + 12%

Google, value: $167.7 billion, + 27%

Microsoft, value: $110.2 billion, + 20%

Amazon, value: $97 billion, + 37%

Facebook, value: $88.9 billion, -6%

Coca-Cola, value: $59.2 billion, + 3%

Samsung, value: $53.1 billion, + 11%

Disney, value: $52.2 billion, + 33.8%

Toyota, value: $44.6 billion, + 0%

McDonald's, value: $43.8 billion, + 6%


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